The Skeleton House

St. Stephens, a Mormon desert town with a hitching post outside the hardware store, is all Meg has ever known. As a girl, she achieved record scores on every test and was on the college track. At twenty-three, she finds herself anchored to the place by two kids and a husband everyone thinks is perfect.

It’s the middle of a Nevada summer, and with a toddler on her hip and a five year-old skipping around the construction site, Meg stares up at the house for the first time since the framing has been erected. The closer the house comes to completion, the more sinister the house looms, and the more controlling her marriage becomes. A series of bedtime stories to her son reveal how she got here. Why do they say this doesn’t happen to smart girls?

Nestling into that sweet spot between literary and accessible book group fiction, I completed the first draft on the Literary Novels MA at City University London and earned a Distinction. After a few tough-love edits, I am actively seeking agent representation and publication.

Ambitious and forward-thinking, the Literary Novels MA at City University London required students to complete a full 60,000-100,000 word novel under close supervision. All mentors and tutors were published authors.

Prior to the MA, I majored in Creative Writing for my BA at Linfield College where I studied literary criticism, the structure of the novel, creative writing in various forms, and wrote a short 55,000 word novel draft titled Postcards from Amy for my thesis project.

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